Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have three basic parts: a.) motor, b.) mounting device and c.) blades. When talking though about the effectiveness of moving air, either to cool or to help make the room warmer, can be attributed as well to the design of the ceiling fan blades – aside from the motor design, power and speed.

A usual ceiling fan can have three to five ceiling fan blades. These ceiling fan blades may come in different numbers, sizes, lengths and designs. The more the number of blades are, the bigger the sizes of the ceiling fan blades, the longer they are, and the more effective their design – would mean a more expensive ceiling fan.

When measuring the quality of ceiling fans, we refer to their ability to move air effectively and efficiently in order to produce the desired effect on the area. These ceiling fans can be considered of good quality if it can produce the desired cooling effect during summer seasons, and if it can produce the warming effect on winter seasons. These are made possible with the change of direction or rotation of the ceiling fan blades and on the scientifically engineered design of these blades.

Pitch of ceiling fan blades

The pitches are actually the angular edges of these blades. These angular edges are the key to the effective manipulation, replacement and movement of air during the fan’s operation. The shape or the design of these ceiling fan blades determines the degree of replacement of air. The higher the pitch, the more air is moved.

Length of ceiling fan blades

The shorter the fan blades, the higher its speed – however air circulation is lesser. Also, the shorter the blades are, the noisier they are during operation unlike the longer blades. The longer the ceiling fan blades, the better the circulation of air – and the more comfortable the immediate environment becomes.

Also important is the balance of these ceiling fan blades, since if they aren’t, the fans will wobble. If you are finding replacements for your ceiling fan blades, it is thus advisable to buy only those that are specified by the manufacturer. These specific ceiling fan blades with their unique dimensions and shape, have been intended specifically by manufacturers to match the fan design and compatibility with the motor for optimum performance.

Ceiling fan blades do play an important role in the overall efficiency of these fans. Their dimensions and specifications are all part of the manufacturer’s grand design, together with other fan components, in coming up with quality ceiling fans that provide users with the comfort aspired upon.

Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to have a ceiling fan in your room, so that you will feel much more comfortable inside? How about having a decorative light as well on your ceilings to give your room more beauty and charm? Having both of these in your room would be a great idea, right? But what if there was a product that is both a fan and a light, would this make it the best idea? Wouldn’t you think so?

With lighted ceiling fans, you get the best of both worlds – you enjoy the benefits of having a fan in your room, and at the same time you get to give your room a new and enhanced look with your lighting. These two features and technologies combined, would yield a resulting product that would not only provide function, but the desired form or decorative effect on the area where it will be placed.

These lighted ceiling fans, would have twice as much the artistic design, than the light or the fan alone. The unique shape of the light fixture combined with the stylish features of the ceiling fan, would prove to be a tandem that is hard to beat. The effects are just beyond words to accurately describe. The elegance it gives out is just too flattering for one to be at awe at.

So when you feel it’s about time to give your room or perhaps your office, a new & sophisticated look – one that has a touch of class & style, then consider installing lighted ceiling fans on the area you want. Together with other lighting products, and making these lighted ceiling fans work with the other lighting effects, the total effect would be terrific. With just the right combination, that part of the house will be one that catches attention, and one that is comfortable for you, your family members and visitors to stay, because of the comfort the fan brings into the area.

Have the appropriate lighting brightness that suits the places you will be putting these lighted ceiling fans at. Make sure it will be able to complement with other lighting systems on the area.

Lighted ceiling fans are great products you can fully utilize for use on your homes or your offices. Having the right models and types utilized for a particular place is a must, to achieve the desirable effects these lighted ceiling fans can bring.